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The Wagler CRD5.9/6.7 Connecting Rod Set is a must have in your 1989-2016 Dodge 5.9L/6.7 Cummins engine build. Maximize reliability and push your engine even harder with the Wagler Connecting Rod Set. Proudly made in the USA, Wagler Competition Products Connecting Rods are forged by Trenton Forging in Trenton, Michigan with the forging made from 4340ACQ certified material. The HD Beam design handles greater horsepower and torque than previous versions. This has been enhanced by adding beam thickness, adding strengthening ribs, 3D profiling, and larger radiuses to reduce stress risers.

All rods are honed to specification with an oil goove and hole in the pin end. Wagler Competition Products integrated a state-of-the-art Tongue & Groove with locator design that keeps the end user in mind to align and lock cap to eliminate offset caps and maintain a true bore. All drafting, design, programming, machining, assembly, and QA is performed in-house by Wagler Competition Products qualified and experienced personnel. Rods come with standard shot peened finish. All CRD5.9/6.7 Standard Length Rods utilize 12V bearings. 


  • 100% Made In The USA! 
  • Known To Handle 2000HP+ 
  • Made From 4340ACQ Certified Material 
  • All Sets Balanced To +/- 1 Gram Standard
  • Comes Standard With ARP L19 1/2" Fasteners

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